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6 flamingos seen in Ialomita county
Photo credit: journalist Florin Floreanu

6 flamingos seen in Ialomita county

Six flamingos were noticed in Ialomita county, southern Romania, on Fundata Lake, 25 km away from the city of Slobozia. The Romanian Ornithological Society announced it’s for the first time this year when flamingos are seen in Romania.

One day after Arlie the eagle left, a group of six flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) was noticed in Ialomita. The birds were on Fundata lake, 25km away from Slobozia. It’s a brackish lake, mostly preferred by the flamingos. It’s the first observation of this species in Romania in 2017,” the SOR said in a press release.

Flamingos were seen many times in our country last year. Four adult flamingos were found out in Vadu, but other ones were later seen in Techirghiol and Balta Alba.

The flamingos were noticed on Fundata Lake this year accidentally, while a SOR team was returning from a conference in Slobozia.

The flamingos prefer large, not very deep water surfaces, where they can search for the food with the help of their beak. Their pink coloration comes from the carotenoid pigments in the organisms that live in their feeding grounds.

Using its feet, the bird stirs up the mud, then sucks water through its bill and filters out small shrimp, seeds, blue-green algae, microscopic organisms and mollusks.

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