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‘The Ancient Gold and Silver of Romania’ on display at the Museum of Oltenia

Tezaurul de la Pietroasele

‘The Ancient Gold and Silver of Romania’ opened on Wednesday at the Oltenia Museum, commemorating the 100 years of existence, exhibition organized with the support of the National Museum of Romanian History and 31 other museums in the country, each ...

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The Mystery of the Celtic crosses discovered in Northern Romania

Photo credit: Ilie Tudorel

The discovery in the northern part of our country (between Salaj and Maramures counties) of several tombstones that seem Celtic animated the imagination of researchers to the point that they take into consideration that these Celtic Crosses could reveal the ...

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Feldioara, the oldest fortress in Brasov


Feldioara Citadel also known as the Teutonic fortress is the oldest fortification in Barsa Land and it was officially attested in 1225. It is located 21 km north from Brasov on DN 13. It was founded by the Teutonic knights between ...

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The obscure secrets of the Corvin Castle


Corvin Castle was nominated among the tourist destinations of excellence around the world, according to tripadvisor.com website, which evaluated the reviews submitted by foreigners who visited the monument. Tourists were fascinated by the castle, but most of them do not know ...

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100% Romanian traditional recipe: ‘bulz ciobanesc’


Bulz is a traditional Romanian meal made with polenta and cheese. Bulz was added in the cities’ menu, gaining popularity on the one hand but on the other losing its traditional identity. In most cases, shepherds baked their bulz directly on ...

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Moigrad, the oldest anthropomorphic idols treasure


In 1912, a peasant who ploughed his land in Moigrad, near Porolissum Archaeological Site, discovered some pieces of shiny metal. Initially, he wanted to leave them there, but eventually took it and tried to sell it at the local fair in ...

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‘Aferim!’, in U.S. cinemas starting January 22


“Aferim!” feature film directed by Radu Jude will run in cinemas in the United States since January 22, the producers’ representatives informed Agerpres. The film will run in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco cinemas. “Aferim!” feature film directed ...

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Panciu, Stephen the Great’s Cellars


Panciu is well known in Romania as the place where sparkling wine is produced by natural fermentation method, the Champenoise method. As it’s classified as a historic monument placed under the protection of UNESCO,  ‘Stephen the Great’s Cellars’ is the ...

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Slanic Spa Resort, the Pearl of Moldavia


Known as a spa resort, Slanic-Moldova is located on the eastern side of the Carpathians (Nemira Massif) 530 m altitude, on Slanic Valley. Also known as Baile Slanic Moldova, the spa resort is highly appreciated for its springs discovered here since ...

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