Romania climbed in wheat exporters hierarchy, USDA report shows


In the first part of Marketing Year (MY) 2016/2017, Romania exported double quantities of wheat, compared to the same period last year, taking advantage of the low production from competing countries such as France, according to USDA Foreign Agricultural Service ...

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The largest dairy producer in Romania, delisted from BVB. What happened?


As of Tuesday, the shares of the largest dairy producer in Romania, Albalact (BVB: ALBZ), were withdrawn from trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) by the new owner, the French group Lactalis, capital.ro informs. Thus, Albalact shares are also ...

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Romanian wine production fell last year by 8 pc, OIV says

romanian wine

Domestic wine production decreased by 8 percent last year to about 3.3 million hectoliters, International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) revised data show. The new figures contrast starkly with those presented in October, when OIV estimated a strong recovery ...

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Romania, the sixth cereal producer in EU


The harvested cereal production in the EU amounted to nearly 317 million tonnes, of which common wheat and spelt (48 percent of total EU cereal production) was the most significant, followed by barley (19 percent), grain maize and corn-cob-mix (19 ...

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First Angus cattle auction in Romania. See which was the highest price paid…

Angus cattle

An Angus cattle auction took place for the first time in Romania, at Agraria fair in Jucu, Cluj County, last week, capital.ro informs. According to organisers, the event was attended by 1,000 people. 24 Angus bovines were auctioned, representing calves, ...

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Romania gets new PGI for ‘Novac afumat’

'novac afumat'

The European Commission has approved on Thursday the addition of a new product from Romania to the quality register of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), a press release informs. The ‘Novac afumat din Tara Barsei’ is a smoked fish fillet obtained ...

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Bread price may increase by up to 10pc


The bread price could increase by up to 10% in the coming period, due to price increases for wheat and flour, and of the labour costs after the minimum wage increase to RON 1,450, said Aurel Popescu, President of Romanian ...

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