BVB’s new Corporate Governance Code: information for investors, protection of shareholders’ rights


  Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) launched on Tuesday with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) a new Corporate Governance Code (CGC) applicable to companies whose shares are admitted to trading on the Main Market. The ...

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‘Life is Hard’, first Romanian software company to be listed on BVB’s AeRO


‘Life is Hard – Work Soft’ in Cluj seems to be the first Romanian software company which is going to make its debut on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), local transilvaniareporter.ro informs. “We believe that we ...

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Romania, safer than Poland in the financial turmoil top risk after Fed’s Thursday decision


Romania is less vulnerable than Poland at the adverse effects no matter what the Federal Reserve (Fed) decides Thursday over the irresistible pull of rising U.S. interest rates, according to UBS estimates, Bloomberg.com informs. Thus, the decision could lead to ...

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Franklin Templeton accuses Romanian economy minister of lack of knowledge on Salrom listing


Franklin Templeton, the adminstrator of Fondul Proprietatea (FP) expresses its strong disappointment related to the latest statements issued by Mihai Tudose, Minister of Economy regarding his opposition to Salrom’s listing. In this context, FP administrator states that currently, according to ...

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‘Two tigers in Eastern Europe’- Ludwik Sobolewski advocates a partnership between Romania and Poland


It would be advisable for Romania and Poland to get closer, for mutual advantage, before others aim their attention towards them, the Bucharest Stock Exchange General Manager Ludwik Sobolewski advocated in an editorial published on Sunday by the Polish daily ...

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UPDATE Romanian tourism company makes its debut on BVB’s AeRO market. “We want to regain Israeli market”


Today, Tusnad SA (TSND) debuted on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), after the transfer from Rasdaq, a press release informs. Tusnad SA is a Romanian tourism company, its major shareholder being SIF Transilvania (SIF3). “We believe ...

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Bucharest Stock Exchange opens 1.7 pc lower after the decline on Monday of over 6 pc


The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) has opened the transactions on Tuesday with a minus of 1.7%, following the Monday decrease of 6.3%, on the background of strong corrections of the European markets caused by investors’ expectations regarding a slowdown of ...

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China’s latest stock market crash hits BVB’s main indexes


China’s benchmark Shanghai Composite index was down more than 8 percent in Monday trading. The market was down 38 percent from its June peak, vox.com informs. Over the last month, the Chinese government has taken extreme measures to reverse the ...

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Property Fund proposes OMV Petrom listing on the London Stock Exchange. Sobolewski: Proof of the local stock market’s underdevelopment


OMV Petrom intends to get listed on the London Stock Exchange, by issuing global depositary receipts based on the company’s shares and the shareholders have been summoned for September 22 to approve the deal. The subject of listing was submitted ...

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