Current challenges ahead Jerusalem 50 years after its reunification

jerusalem challenges

With security issue taking a back seat for now in Jerusalem, the authorities of Israel’s political capital are facing new brand challenges fifty years since the city’s reunification. Amid celebrations marking the 50-year reunification anniversary in early November, preserving the ...

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Journey to Jerusalem (III): The historical city turned into an innovation hub

innovation hub

Jerusalem is not only about multicultural environment or religious, archaeological and historical meaningful sights, but has also become an attraction for entrepreneurs and cutting-edge innovation programmes. Getting beyond any religious or cultural disagreement, the city’s authorities have understood that above ...

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Alyn, the hospital in Jerusalem where disabled children can become superheroes and where the right to life has precedence over any political or religious dispute


At Alyn Hospital Pediatric &Adolescent Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem, success is measured in millimeters. Infants, children and teens who are suffering of physical disabilities, congenital or acquired, can be diagnosed and treated here, and they can also undergo rehabilitation by ...

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Journey to Jerusalem (I): Up and down the eclectic Old City

Photo credit: The Romania Journal

When you land to Jerusalem for the first time in your life, expectations are high, but the outcome is a ‘repartee’, as beauties inside Israel’s political and cultural main city are astonishing and challenging indeed. There is so much eclectic ...

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EXCLUSIVE Romanian cinematographer Amza Moglan sets his stamp on US Natalee Holloway famous file. New documentary, new clues


America has Natalee Holloway, Romania – Elodia Ghinescu. Which is the link between the two names? You got it! The disappearance without a trace. Romanian director and cinematographer Amza Moglan, godson of the famous Romanian actor Amza Pellea, had the ...

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