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EXCLUSIVE: We explore the possibility of a visit by the Austrian Federal President in Romania next spring

Interview with H.E. Mr. GERHARD REIWEGER, Austria’s Ambassador to Romania.   What is the significance of October 26 for Austria? How is the national day celebrated nowadays? On our national day we celebrate that Austria, in 1955, regained its full ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Romania and Austria, a continuing success story: Austrian companies bring 19 pc of total investments in Romania

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Interview with Mr. Rudolf LUKAVSKY, Commercial Counsellor at Austrian Embassy in Romania.   –              Mr. Lukavsky, despite difficult economic conditions due to financial crisis in 2009, Austria remained a constant investor in Romania, one of the most active. And yet, ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Love for contemporary dance, design, filmmaking and fine arts binds Austria to Romania


Interview with Mrs. ELISABETH MARINKOVIC, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest.     As this interview is included in the special supplement on Austria’s National Day, I want to ask you how do Austrians celebrate this day? How ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Improving the ‘investor community – legislative decision makers’ dialogue is still needed in Romania


Interview with Bryan W. JARDINE, Managing Partner at Wolf Theiss Bucharest.   10 years ago, Wolf Theiss entered Romania with the aim to establish itself as a leading law firm. Concretely, which are the achievements of the law company since its establishment ...

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EXCLUSIVE: At Cervantes Institute, one receives together with the language knowledge a hint of the Hispanic cultural memory

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Interview with Mrs. Rosa María Moro de Andrés, director of Cervantes Institute in Bucharest.   Spain is marking Hispanic Day on October 12. What this celebration means nowadays for Spain and for other Hispanic countries? The 12th of October, the ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Dacia’s positive history attracts German investors. However, public tenders and bureaucracy are still impediments


Interview with SEBASTIAN METZ, General Manager of German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Romania). Mr. Metz, the German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Romania) has a very clear objective: to facilitate the development of suitable business opportunities for ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Bucharest Goethe Institute head: Unity is sharing both pleasant and difficult issues, like in marriage

Goethe-Institut Bukarest Bibliothek

Interview with Dr. EVELIN HUST, director of the Goethe Institute in Bucharest.   Spending four years at the Goethe-Institute headquarters in Munich before coming to Romania and before that, other six years in India, the new director of the Goethe-Institut ...

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EXCLUSIVE: You cannot deliver performance without considering the client’s expectations and needs


Interview with Mr. DRAGOS ATANASIU, President Eurolines Romania.   Mr. Anastasiu, 20 years ago, you were building the success story which is now Eurolines. After all these years, what are Eurolines’ assets on a so competitive domestic market? The most important asset of Eurolines Group is the stable, ...

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EXCLUSIVE Romania needs a long-term strategic country project focused on competitiveness and value, CCRC notes


Interview with Marius STICLARU, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania – Republic of Korea (CCRC).   Mr. Sticlaru, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania – Republic of Korea (CCRC) has a very clear objective: to facilitate ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Up to 30 pc of Frigoglass global sales derive from coolers produced in Timisoara plant

Frigoglass Romania plant 3

Greece’s Frigoglass, the worldwide leader in the Ice Cold Merchandisers (ICM) market, celebrates 20 years of activity in Romania. Frigoglass Romanian plant in Timisoara County (Western Romania) is featured among the top employers in the region, having an average of ...

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