Tourists can take pictures with bears, wolves and lynxes at Rasnov from a special observatory. How much does the adventure cost?

urs harghita

Tourists visiting Râşnov, Brasov County (central Romania) can go to a special observatory, built in an area that offers spectacular landscapes on the Valea Lunga. For EUR 25 they can see for several hours wild animals: bears, wolves or wild ...

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The Spectator: A trip to Dracula’s birthplace won’t bleed you dry – an invitation to visit Sighisoara


The British publication ‘The Spectator’ has released a feature on the Romanian city of Sighisoara, inviting the readers to make the trip to the medieval town, to see the 12th century fortified citadel, the evangelical Church on the Hill. “Sighisoara ...

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Romania – a gateway to European investments for the South-African market

SouthnAfrica Romania

For a long time now, Romania and South-Africa have been strengthening and expanding their business liaisons, based on a wide range of interesting business opportunities, especially in the areas of: agriculture, machinery, mining, real estate, IT, retail manufacturing, automotive, energy ...

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‘Violins of Hope’ heated up the Romanian Athenaeum’s stage to mark Israel’s 69th anniversary

Credit photo: Zoltan Marton

A special concert -Violins of Hope- resounded at the Romanian Athenaeum on Tuesday evening to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the State of Israel in Bucharest, as well as 69 years of friendship between Israel and Romania, bringing along the ...

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Exclusive: The myths of the Finnish educational system


A discussion with ALINA CRISTIANA CIRJA, project manager, founder of the Romanian-Finnish School in Bucharest.   How did the Romanian-Finnish Schools come to life? It was an initiative of the Bucharest Christian Centre in 2008 and came amid a stringent ...

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Finnish ambassador in Bucharest, H.E. Mrs. Päivi Pohjanheimo: Finland thoroughly reinvented itself in just one short century

finnish ambassador

Finland’s ambassador to Romania, Mrs. Päivi Pohjanheimo speaks about her country’s anniversary, about how people celebrate it and how the celebration is practically another brick in the wall of the national project. “The Republic of Finland celebrates its 99th anniversary ...

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Finland: 100 years of stunning progress


Finland’s Independence Day is a national public holiday held on 6 December to celebrate Finland’s declaration of independence from the Russian Republic in 1917. During the early decades of independence, Independence Day was a very solemn occasion marked by patriotic ...

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Finland National Day: Did you know that….


There is more forest and water in Finland than anywhere else in Europe? There are 187,888 lakes in Finland — the most of any country in the world — and 179,888 Finnish islands to explore? Over 70% of Finland is ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Finnish Tornator to invest more in the Romanian forestry, creating more job opportunities


Interview with Zoltán A. KÓSY, Country Manager Tornator Romania about what was the best year for the Finnish company since entering the domestic market, as well as what local authorities should do to draw investors.   Tornator Oyj, as part ...

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December 1, the day Great Romania was born


Romania’s National Day marks the country’s unification in 1918 and the formation of the Romanian state within its present-day boundaries. Romania’s full independence had been recognized in 1878 but it was not until December 1, 1918 in the city of ...

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