Pantelimon hospital manager sacked

pantelimon hospital

Health Minister Florian Bodrog has sacked the interim manager of Pantelimon Hospital in Bucharest on Wednesday. “I have just sacked him. He was interim. Several management errors have been reported. I haven’t decided yet who would replace him,” the minister ...

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Doctor beaten by parents at ‘Marie Curie’ Hospital

spital marie curie

A doctor with the ‘Marie Curie’ Hospital in Bucharest was attacked on Tuesday by the parents of a child hospitalized for 24 hours. The doctor suffered an eye injury and needed medical care. The parents attacked him after being unhappy ...

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2yo baby girl dies of measles in Craiova, death toll climbs to 17


A 2-year-old baby girl died of measles at the Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Craiova (southwestern Romania). The little girl, coming from a Roma community from Dolj county, had no birth certificate and hasn’t been vaccinated. Another seven children from ...

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Which are the Romanian cities boasting the best medical facilities?

the best medical facilities

Encompassing 16 state and private hospitals, next to another 90 private medical practices and pharmacies, Oradea, the capital city of Bihor county, northwestern Romania, was designated the urban city with the best medical facilities in Romania, according to a survey ...

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Labour minister: ICU doctors to have wages of EUR 3,600 as of 2018

ICU doctors

Labour Minister Olguta Vasilescu came up with new surprising statements in pay rises. She told Antena 3 on Sunday night that wages of the doctors from the intensive care units will mount to EUR 3,600 next year. She also revealed ...

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