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The health system, getting closer to general strike

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The negotiations on Tuesday between the Health Ministry and the trade unionists have failed to reach a deal. Sanitas leader Leonard Barascu has told Realitatea TV the trade union is getting ready for general strike, as 50,000 employees will see ...

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What did the Labour Ministry retort to the young woman with multiple sclerosis whose invalidity pension was suspended?

laura multiple sclerosis

After the case of Laura Florescu, a 37-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis the had her invalidity pension suspended by the state because she had published a poetry novel and cashed in RON 230 has caused indignation on social media and in ...

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Romania, first in Europe on maternal mortality

maternal mortality

In one single year, the number of mothers who die while giving birth has doubled in Romania, says a World Vision study quoted by Digi 24. 19 such deaths have been reported out of 100,000 births, thus placing Romania first ...

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Romanians, getting fatter year by year, study says


Despite stating they eat healthy food and do sports, statistics show that Romanians are more and more overweight. Over 55% of the Romanian adult population is fighting extra weight, according to a study conducted by IMAS in July 2017 and ...

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The first nuclear medicine center in Romania’s public healthcare to be inaugurated in Bucharest

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The first integrated center of nuclear medicine in the Romanian public healthcare system will be commissioned at the “Carol Davila” Military Hospital in Bucharest next year. The center will track down cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography ...

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A doctor left Romania every six hours last year


Romania is the country with the fewest doctors in the EU reported to the number of inhabitants (only 2.5 compared to the European average of 3.4), sad statistics reveal. Over 14,000 doctors have left the country in the past ten ...

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Update: Florian Bodog plagiarized two-thirds of his PhD thesis in Economics – media report, Health Minister denies charges

Florian Bodog

Health Minister Florian Dorel Bodog has plagiarized 147 of the 232 pages of his doctoral thesis in Economics entitled “Management and Marketing of Sanitary Units” and graduated in 2008 at the West University of Timisoara (UVT), says journalist Emilia Sercan. ...

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