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Bucharest suspended mayor Oprescu underwent lung surgery

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The suspended mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu has undergone a lung surgery on Friday at “Marius Nasta” Lung Institute in Bucharest. He was admitted to this hospital after receiving the court’s permission, as he is currently on house arrest for ...

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Alcohol consumption among Romanian underage, very high. They start drinking around 14 years old


Alcohol consumption among underage is very high, while the average age when Romanians start drinking alcohol is 14 years old. “In Romania, the alcohol consumption among underage is very high. According to 2013 UNICEF statistics, 42 percent of the Romanian ...

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PM Cioloș: We have some priority investments in view for the health system. Romania’s drama is that it loses EU funds

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Romania’s drama is that billions of euros of European funds are lost and investments are needed in the health system, PM Dacian Ciolos said on Wednesday, while the Gov’t intends to kick off some priority projects in this field. The ...

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Colectiv tragedy: 50 patients still hospitalized, 13 in critical and serious condition, 30 injured admitted to hospitals abroad


50 patients injured in the Colectiv fire are still admitted to Romanian hospitals. Eight are in critical condition and five in serious condition, while 37 are stabilized. 30 patients are hospitalized abroad, interim PM Sorin Cimpeanu informed on Tuesday. He ...

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Colectiv fire: 62 patients still admitted in hospitals, 14 in critical situation, 5 discharged


Health ministry announced on Friday morning that 62 patients injured in the ‘Colectiv’ fire were admitted in Bucharest hospitals. 14 of them are in critical situation, while five have been discharged in the past two days. Among the discharged persons, ...

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SMURD founder Raed Arafat fights back ‘poor management’ criticism in the ‘Colectiv’ fire crisis


The secretary of state within the Interior Ministry, Raed Arafat rejected all accusations regarding the ‘Colectiv’ crisis management, saying during a TV debate on Wednesday night that there was no mistake regarding the intervention nor in managing the issue by ...

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RON 26.3 M for the hospitals treating patients injured in the ‘Colectiv’ fire


Interim premier Sorin Cimpeanu informed on Wednesday that the Health ministry will get RON 26.3 M from the Government’s reserve fund to be directed to the Bucharest hospitals where the injured in the ‘Colectiv’ fire are admitted. “We’ll supplement the ...

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Doctors’ Alliance: The ‘Colectiv’ fire case has been poorly managed. ‘Romania has no conditions to treat big cases of burnt patients’


The Doctors Alliance on Tuesday slammed the manner the Romanian authorities have managed the ‘Colectiv’ fire crisis. “There have been intense talks lately about what should be done or not related to the victims of the ‘Colectiv’ club fire. Our ...

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‘Colectiv’ fire death toll up to 46. Journalist Teodora Maftei dies in Israel hospital


Journalist Teodora Maftei, seriously injured in the ‘Colectiv’ fire, died on Monday at a hospital in Israel where she had been transferred last week, with death toll reaching 46. Teodora Maftei, 36, was journalist and official photographer of the “Goodbye ...

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Forensics: 18 of the persons dead in the ‘Colectiv’ fire had carbon monoxide and hydrocyanic acid above lethal values


All those 26 persons who died on the night of the fire at ‘Colectiv’ nightclub had carbon monoxide and hydrocyanic acid in lethal doses in their blood, while in the case of 18 victims the concentrations were above the lethal ...

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