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Lack of vaccination may expel your children from school, kindergarten


Children who won’t be vaccinated could be banned to attend school or kindergartens, reads a draft tabled by the Romanian Health Ministry. The bill also stipulates that nine types of vaccines should be mandatory, namely the ones included in the ...

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Ombudsman probes into improper conditions at Psychiatry ward in Arad after an Italian admitted there killed himself after discharge


The Ombudsman on Tuesday started an investigation at the Psychiatry ward of Arad Emergency Hospital, after images with improper conditions in there have been posted on the Internet by the friends of an Italian citizen who killed himself few days ...

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Travel warning from the Foreign Ministry on poliomyelitis viruses. EU Health Commissioner warns Romania over low vaccination rate


The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) informs that the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the international spread of poliomyelitis viruses represents a risk and a public health emergency of international importance. According to a press release issued ...

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Salaries in the public health system up by 25 pc. When will be doctors allowed to accept gratification?

bani medici

After the Government on Monday had lobbied higher wages by 10 percent for the Romanian medical staff, negotiations with the Health Ministry on Tuesday prompted a higher rise of 25 percent.The salary rise will be applied to the doctors, nurses and ...

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Vodafone Romania Foundation has invested about EUR 350,000 in renovating 8 blood transfusion centers


Eight blood transfusion centers in Romania have been renovated and properly furnished by Vodafone Romania Foundation, following a EUR 348,530 investment. Thus, through “A Chance for Life” program and with React Association involvement, a total area of 15,145 square meters ...

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Big names allegedly involved in the cancer drugs scandal


The names of big pharma companies present on the Romanian market would be involved in the case of the oncology specialists suspected of prescribing certain medicines to their patients for which they would have been rewarded with luxury trips. Glaxosmithkline ...

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