April Horoscope to bring an infusion of energy for every zodiac sign

april horoscope

Aries April Horoscope – People might find your attitude hard to deal with! In April, the Aries monthly horoscope shows a change of focus from the previous experiences towards the present time and the future. And this is basically a ...

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March 2016 Horoscope – solar and lunar eclipses to influence all zodiacal signs!


Aries March 2016 Horoscope – Let go any regrets! Due to the planetary transits occurring in Pisces, this monthly horoscope announces a tedious time, but much depends on your approach to the events. The March 2016 horoscope shows for you, Aries, that ...

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February 2016 Horoscope


Aries February 2016 Horoscope – Judgements to be faced at work Being active all month long, the North Node – Jupiter retrograde conjunction in Virgo is still an indicator for developments at work, hopefully, with long term consequences. It seems past ...

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2016 Horoscope! Read the astrological message for every zodiacal sign


Aries 2016 Horoscope – What is to favour or to peril career, job and money during the next year? Even at the very beginning of the year and then again in June, there are great work-related opportunities in the Aries yearly ...

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December 2015 Horoscope


Aries December 2015 Horoscope – Truth to depend on the perspective one is watching from The squares to be active between Sagittarius and Pisces represent for you supplementary efforts to state your beliefs or to stick to your principles, the December ...

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November 2015 Horoscope


Aries November 2015 Horoscope – Malleability to be a helpful asset for your working relationships Even from the beginning of the month, you will face some circumstances at job or within your professional environment that might tempt you to act very ...

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October 2015 Horoscope


Aries October 2015 Horoscope – Money issues to be in the spotlight at the end of the month The astrological aspects active in the first decade of the month request a fix of some of your relationships, either it’s about marriage ...

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September 2015 Horoscope


Aries September 2015 Horoscope – Worries about collaborations and renegotiations in relationships The first days of the month once again offer you a great energy and passion coming along with the Mars-Venus retrograde conjunction in Leo. It’s one last chance in ...

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August 2015 Horoscope


Aries August 2015 Horoscope – Temper your ego! The first decade of the month is highly influenced by the planetary transits through Leo and by the tense aspects some of them are forming to Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. That means the ...

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