White Night of Art Galleries 2017 touring 12 cities in Romania

galleries night

A new edition of the White Night of the Art Galleries – NAG- will take place on October 6, starting 7 p.m. in the art galleries, alternative spaces, creative hubs and artist workshops from 12 cities in Romania: Bucharest, Arad, ...

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Balkanik Festival, a Levantine feast to seize Bucharest this weekend

Balkanik festival

Have you ever wondered why the Balkanik spirit is so fascinating for the rest of the world? You have now the opportunity to find out at the 7th edition of the world music Balkanik Festival this weekend (September 8-10). The ...

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The Bucharest Street Food Carnival to lure food-minded with lots of culinary surprises next week

bucharest street food carnival

The Bucharest Street Food Festival is turning into Bucharest Street Food Carnival this year, while still remaining the largest and most spectacular street food event in Bucharest, only that bigger and better. The festival will open doors at Romexpo on ...

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Romeo Castellucci, Pascal Bruckner, Frederic Beigbeder, MASH and Grotowski Institute to attend Undercloud’s anniversary


The independent theatre is spiffed out during August 22-31. ARCUB- Gabroveni, with the support of Bucharest city hall, will host the anniversary tenth edition of the Undercloud Independent Theatre Festival, which became international four years ago. The 10th edition of ...

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Mexico, the star of the second edition of PELÍCULA – Latin American Film & Experience in Bucharest

Maquinaria Panamericana

There are 40 days to go before the second edition of PELÍCULA – Latin American Film & Experience festival in Bucharest, due on September 13-17. The festival is focused on the Latin-American culture, while harmoniously combining the film screenings, dance ...

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Last days of “B-FIT in the Street!” festival and “Armenian Street” festival this weekend in Bucharest

B-FIT in the Street

Living statues performances, colorful parades, puppets, fireworks and nocturne shows from France, Germany, Spain and Romania will end the “B-FIT in the Street!” street festival in Bucharest this weekend. Venues: Universitate Square, Kretzulescu Park, George Enescu Square, Old Town and ...

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“Musica Kronstadt 2017” International Festival in Brasov to pay tribute to Dinu Lipatti

musica kronstadt 2017

During August 2-9, Brasov will host the fourth edition of the “Musica Kronstadt 2017” International Festival, dedicated to the Dinu Lipatti centennial. The festival will bring young musicians in Brasov, while the large audicence will have the opportunity to meet ...

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Poetry night sessions and documentaries in rooftop event in Bucharest

Photto credit: Catalin Georgescu

The garden of Rezidența BRD Scena9 in Bucharest will host two brand new cultural events dedicated to music, film and contemporary poetry. Movie lovers are invited for an One World Romania Week during July 24-30. The “21 Nocturnes. Contemporary poetry, ...

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