Orthodox and Catholic believers celebrate Easter on the same day. Similar and different Easter customs among cults in Romania


The Easter celebration is the most important religious celebration in Romania, marked this year both by Orthodox and Catholic believers on the same day, on April 16. Romania is inhabited by a vast majority of Orthodox Christians. Around 86 per ...

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Japanese culinary journey at Benihana restaurant

Benihana Restaurant-1

The Japanese Culture Days will be marked by a cultural Brunch with flavors and traditional dishes from the heart of Japan where guest can explore authentic Japanese cuisine and culture. The event called “Explore.Taste.Celebrate” awaits its guests Sunday, on the ...

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AROME – Local Flavours with a Twist

Credit foto Siluk

AROME is a flavourful urban café located in the heart of Bucharest, which displays an exquisite atmosphere, full of colors and taste every day from Monday to Saturday. The bright and cozy design, as well as AROME branded cuisine feasts, ...

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The ‘martyrs’ celebration in the Romanian tradition

sfinti martyrs

Romanians celebrate the 40 Saints Martyrs from Sevastia, every year on March 9th. The day marks the beginning of the agricultural year, as well as the end of the moody Babele days and the start of warmer spring days, also ...

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Real romance with food and wine in the heart of historic Drăgășani land

brindisi amoroso

A ‘delicious’ event celebrating Saint Valentine’s weekend, 12th -14th February is available in one of the most famous wine region in Romania. Gourmet Food Lovers Weekend, “A grand love affair with food & wine” is to be hosted next weekend ...

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London WSET School to lecture on wines & spirits art in Bucharest


Are you eager to learn to taste wines like professionals and obtain the basic knowledge on international wines, main grapes, food&wine pairing, wine styles or to read wine labels? Wine and Spirit Education Trust London, world leader in Wine Education, ...

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100% Romanian traditional recipe: ‘bulz ciobanesc’


Bulz is a traditional Romanian meal made with polenta and cheese. Bulz was added in the cities’ menu, gaining popularity on the one hand but on the other losing its traditional identity. In most cases, shepherds baked their bulz directly on ...

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Romanian autumn delights – the traditional vegetable spread ‘zacusca’


Zacuscă is a vegetable spread very popular in Romania but similar spreads are found in other countries throughout Europe. There are tens of versions for this zacusca, some made it with beans, others with fish, zucchini, celery, carrots and apples, honey ...

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Exotic ingredients in Romanian traditional cuisine


There are still places throughout Romania where traditional agriculture develops organically without the help of artificial fertilizers. People have learned to produce everything they need on their own and never depend on supermarkets. Unwritten recipes passed from generation to generation make Romanians ...

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“The best burger” prize awarded in Bucharest in less than a month


“The best burger” will be awarded at the first edition of BurgerFest in Bucharest, due on May 22-24 at Verde Stop (in Barbu Vacarescu area). BurgerFest is thus proposing three days of fun in Bucharest, in an open-air green location, where ...

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