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Cellist hospitalized after falling down from his 1st floor apartment during anti-drug police raid

Romanian cellist Adrian Naidin was admitted to Elias Hospital in Bucharest on Wednesday after falling down from the first floor of his apartment during searches conducted by anti-drug officers. While the musician says the officers were in a wrong box, sources from the Police revealed that the address was correct and that drugs had been found there.

“Seven searches have been conducted on September 28 over some people suspected of hosting indoor cannabis crops in a house in Bucharest. Following searches, about 500 grams of cannabis, 5 grams of cocaine and a complete device for indoor cannabis crop were tracked down in the house of the main suspect,” reads the Romanian Police’s press release.

During searches, a person jumped from the window. “Police officers provided him with the first aid and later on transported him to a medical unit in Bucharest.”

Judicial sources told Mediafax that the main suspect is a man who also lives in the house where cellist Adrian Naidin is dwelling without legal forms.

The cellist admits that he fell down from the store of his place during searches and that was admitted to Elias Hospital, but claims the policemen would have mistaken the address.

“I am in hospital due to some policemen’s incompetence. This morning, an intervention patrol came to one of my neighbours. Unfortunately, they entered the wrong door and thought that the access door to my apartment is leading to some users’ heaven, so they broke the door and burst in upon me. As I was asleep and in shock, thinking there were some outlaws, I tried to get away, but I fell down from the floor’s window. I was hospitalized at Elias and doctors are taking care of my fractures,” Naidin posted on his Facebook account.

However, sources among investigators replied that the anti-drug officers had not mistaken the address and that several quantities of drugs had been found in the house where the cellist lives.

The artists also informed his audience that his concert scheduled on October 10 had been delayed.

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