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Checks at the Bucharest Ambulance on artist Ioan Gyuri Pascu’s death

Checks at the Bucharest Ambulance on artist Ioan Gyuri Pascu’s death

The Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance is running an internal investigation in the case of artist Ioan Gyuri Pascu’s death probing into the medical intervention procedures, as media revealed that a first ambulance was called at the artist’s house around 3 a.m. and the doctor from the Bucharest Ambulance Service diagnosed Pascu with panic attack and left. A second ambulance was called around 5 a.m. when a SMURD ambulance came at his place but unfortunately CPR procedures failed and the artist’s death was pronounced.

According to the tolo.ro, journalist Catalin Tolontan’s website, the doctors from the Bucharest ambulance service knew about the first ambulance sent to Pascu’s place but covered this information. Now, the checks are probing if the doctor who arrived with the first ambulance did everything needed for the artist, if there was a correct diagnosis and medication.

According to the above-mentioned website, on the night of September 25 to September 26, only two hours before the artist death, Gyuri Pascu and his ex-wife, in whose house he was at that moment, called for an ambulance.

“We sent an AMD ambulance for consultations at home, with a driver and a doctor. Gyuri was agitated and he was administered a sedative, Diazepam, and he was diagnosed with a panic attack,” a source from the Bucharest ambulance told the journalist.

The manager of the Bucharest ambulance, Alis Grasu confirmed there has benen a first ambulance sent to Pascu’s house around 3 a.m. “His pulse and blood pressure were OK. His wife kept on saying that Mr. Pascu had previous frequent panic attacks, so the doctor gave him half ampoule of Diazepam,” Grasu recounted, adding that the service is conducting internal checks to see if the doctor did everything that he could, if he respected the protocol.

However, the journalists say that the doctor who came at the first intervention could not provide the Ambulance management an ECG, so there is no information if the ECG has been actually done.

“The 55-year-old man (Ioan Gyuri Pascu) told the doctor that he hadn’t been sleeping for three days due to some articular pains, that he is diabetic and that he has frequent panic attacks and that he took Sedatif PC for them. He didn’t complain of palpitations, chest pain or any other heart symptomatology. For he had no cardiac symptoms or antecedents, the ECG was not mandatory,” Alis Grasu explained.

Actor, musician Ioan Gyuri Pascu has passed away on Monday morning, 55 years old, due to cardiopulmonary arrest, according to a statement by the Bucharest SMURD (Emergency Mobile Resuscitation and Extrication Service) co-ordinator, physician Bogdan Oprita.

“Two SMURD crews went to the spot. It’s about a irresuscitable cardiopulmonary arrest,” Oprita said.

Ioan Gyuri Pascu died at home, at around 5 am. Resuscitation lasted about an hour.

Actor and musician Ioan Gyuri Pascu was born on 31 August 1961, at Agnita, the Sibiu County. In 1987 he became a member of the ‘Divertis’ group, with whom he entertained audiences for 20 years, with live shows, radio and TV broadcasts.

More about the artist available here.


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