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Corruption record: Ex-mayor of Caracal, sent to court for over 1,000 deeds of abuse of office

Former mayor of Caracal, Olt county, Gheorghe Anghel, was sent to court next to several persons, under the charge of setting up a criminal group which would obtain undue financial benefits from the city hall’s profits. The former mayor is charged with over 1,000 abuse of office crimes, while the prejudice exceeds RON 5 M.

Prosecutors say in the indictment that during 2009-2012, a criminal group has been activating at the Caracal city hall, whose members would have illegally obtained undue money benefits mainly from the city hall’s profits, by using documents that didn’t certify real commercial operations.

They caused a prejudice of RON 5,009,500 to the institution.

The former mayor Gheorghe Anghel and the economic director of the city hall, Tudor Maria, used to initiate and coordinate the criminal group, which also consisted of public servants and representatives of some private companies.

Defendants Anghel Gheorghe and Tudor Maria have ordered payments directly from the cashier’s office and signed many money orders to several private companies, without being legally justified. The private companies used to file fake receipts and fiscal invoices attesting dummy services,” the National Anti-corruption Directorate says.

They have practically embezzled the city hall’s local budget, especially originating from local taxes and fees.

Gheorghe Anghel has been recently sentenced to three years and six months in prison in another file, where he had been found guilty of rifling the city’s former football club.

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