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csat 14 sept

CSAT Oks national strategy on preventing proliferation of mass destruction weapons

The Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) has approved the national strategy on preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction on Thursday, the Presidential Administration informed.

The goal of the Strategy is to develop and enhance the cooperation and coordination framework of the Romanian authorities’ actions, as well as the mechanisms the authorities need to prevent and counter threats against national security, threats which are represented by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The strategy will be enforced during 2017-2019,” says a press release.

CSAT also Okayed on Thursday the participation of the Romanian Army to a NATO mission with a navy capacity in the second semester of this year.

This capability is included in the Package of forces for the current year, to respond some additional requests from the international organizations to increase Romania’s contribution to foreign missions and operations,” says the Presidency.

The Council has also discussed energy security, analysing the risks and opportunities in this field, deciding to streamline the legislative framework and strengthen the powers of certain public energy bodies.

“The CSAT members decided that, in order to viably capitalise on Romania’s energy resources, more aspects should be considered: streamlining the legislative framework and strengthening the powers of state bodies with with expertize in this field; strengthening the management and efficiency of the activity of some state portfolio operators; advancing the projects to capitalise on Romania’s energy potential on the production and transmission segments, ” reads a press statement released by the Presidential Administration.

According to it, the “Three Seas Initiative Summit,” an energy priority event, is expected to be held in Bucharest in 2018.

This is the first meeting of the Supreme Defence Council attended by the new ministers of Defence and Economy, Mihai Fifor and Gheorghe Șimon.

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