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Sevil Shhaideh prime minister

Deputy PM Sevil Shhaideh: We’re still facing the danger to lose European money

Deputy PM Sevil Shhaideh, Minister for Regional Development, has said on Friday Romania is still at risk to lose European money.

The statement was made while in Braila, during a meeting with local officials, mayors, city counsellors, heads of public services, businessmen and farmers, capital.ro informs.

“We have set as target, together with the Agriculture Ministry, which coordinates APIA and PNDL, to bring into the country some EUR 5.2 billion by December 31, 2017. As compared to the level of zero last year it is an important amount, nevertheless, against the needs in Romania (is not much – our note), yet we are still facing the danger to lose European money, we might be decommissioned,” Shhaideh said.

The Deputy PM added that from the first day of governance she started work with full engines, has opened all funding lines and, currently, all guidelines of the regional operational programme are under debate.

“As compared to a year when nothing happened, in just three months of governance we succeeded to unblock and to open all the funding lines. We want, by July 1, all management authorities to be appointed and to start bringing European money into the country,” the deputy PM said.

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