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DNA head Kovesi, invited again for hearings at the 2009 elections inquiry committee

The parliamentary committee probing into the 2009 presidential elections has decided on Monday to invite again the DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi for hearings, after the decision of the Constitutional Court compelling the anti-corruption head to come for hearings in Parliament had been published in the Official Gazette.

On October 3, the Constitutional Court has partially admitted the notification filed by the two speakers of the Parliament chambers, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Liviu Dragnea, regarding the obligation of the anti-corruption chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi to go for hearings in the parliamentary committee probing into the presidential elections of 2009. However, the constitutional judges have overruled the other request that the Prosecutor’s Office should send a copy of the closed file to the inquiry committee.

The decision to re-invite Kovesi has been taken by nine votes to two and one abstention. Liberal deputy Cezar Preda vetoed the decision of the committee, arguing there are enough information and documents on this topic so that conclusions could be reached. The proposal to invite Kovesi again for hearings has been made by Social Democrat deputy Liviu Plesoianu, who invoked the CCR decision as well as the fact that the inquiry committee only has only drafted a partial report due to some people’s refuse to come for hearings.

The chairwoman of the inquiry committee, PSD deputy Oana Florea, has said that she would send Laura Codruta Kovesi the new invitation, asking her to come for hearings on Wednesday morning.

Former Democrat Liberal leader and minister Adriean Videanu is called for hearings also on Wednesday morning.

Asked what will happen if Kovesi refuses to come, as she has done it four times so far, Florea answered: “It’s her decision if she is coming or not. We are only doing our job.”

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