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European arrest warrant for Puiu Popoviciu, sent to British judicial authorities

The Bucharest Court of Appeals has sent to the British judicial authorities the European arrest warrant on Puiu Popoviciu’s name, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader announced on Thursday. On the other hand Toader warns that the businessman’s decision to surrender to the London Metropolitan Police should be regarded with ‘caution’.

“I received at the ministry the information that the European arrest warrant has been sent to the British judicial authorities by the Court of Appeals, which means the execution of an arrest warrant. The British authorities will check the warrant and will consequently decide, now the London authorities are informed about the execution of the European arrest warrant,” Tudorel Toader said, hotnews.ro informs.

He added that “right after the moment when Puiu Popoviciu surrendered to the judicial authorities in London I said that we should regard his decision cautiously and wait to see what was the purpose. Had he intended to surrender to Romanian judicial authorities, he could have flown home by plane or he could have gone to the embassy.”

Businessman Puiu Popoviciu was detained on Monday by London Metropolitan Police.

He was released on bail later in the day, the bail amounted to GBP 200,000. The businessman has to come to the police precinct three times a week and to wear a surveillance bracelet.

The Romanian police informed the Bucharest Court of Appeal and the Ministry of Justice, institutions competent to deal with the extradition of the person concerned.

On businessman Gabriel Puiu Popoviciu’s name was issued an international warrant after the Bucharest Court of Appeal issued a European arrest warrant on his name, at the request of the Police, as he left the territory of Romania at the beginning of June.

Popoviciu was recently sentenced in Băneasa Farm file to 7 years in jail.


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