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GDP growth of 7pc in nine months, INS reports signal figures

In the first nine months of 2017, the GDP increased (against the similar period last year) by 7% as gross series and by 6.9% as seasonally adjusted series, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informed on Tuesday citing signal figures. The seasonally adjusted series have been adjusted by taking into account the estimates for Q3 2017, has been revised against the release on October 10, 2017, hotnews.ro informs.

The statistics considers the GDP evolution in 5 cycles: signal figures, then the provisional figures (I), provisional figures (II), semi-final figures and the final figures, after two years.

The release on Tuesday includes signal figures and will be followed by provisional figures (I) in December.

Against the same quarter in 2016, the GDP in Q3 2017 registered 8.8% increase.

During January 1-October 30, 2017, against the similar period of 2016, the GDP grew by 7%.

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