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How much has Romania spent on culture and recreation in 2015?

In 2015, the EU 28 Member States reported nearly EUR153 billion of government expenditure on ‘recreation, culture and religion’. This figure is equivalent to 1.0 percent of the EU’s GDP, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union reveals.

In comparison, this is much lower than the amount spent on other main functions such as ‘social protection’ (expenditure equivalent to 19.2 percent of GDP in 2015), ‘health’ (7.2 percent), ‘education’ (4.9 percent) or even ‘defence’ (1.4 percent). However, it is higher than public expenditure on ‘environmental protection’ (0.8 percent) and ‘housing and community amenities’ (0.6 percent).

Romania ranks the last in the European Union in terms of the amounts spent for “recreation, culture and religion” in 2015, considering the size of the population. The expenditure stood below EUR 150 per inhabitant in Romania, namely EUR 97, Bulgaria – EUR106, Greece – EUR 113, Lithuania – EUR 120, Poland – EUR 126, Portugal – EUR 130 and Slovakia – EUR 149.

At the opposite, an expenditure above EUR 800 per inhabitant was registered in Luxembourg (with EUR 1 068) as well as in Denmark (EUR 843). They were followed at a distance by Finland (EUR 565), the Netherlands (EUR 561), Sweden (EUR 499), Austria (EUR 487), Belgium (EUR 437) and France (EUR 435).

On average in 2015, expenditure on ‘recreation, culture and religion’ amounted to EUR 299 per inhabitant in the EU.

Ireland (0.6 percent), Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom (all three 0.7 percent) spent the least in relative terms, while Hungary (2.1 percent) and Estonia (2.0 percent) spent the most.21 of the 28 Member States recorded a ratio of 1.0 percent or more.

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