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Ionuț Negoiță wants to sell Dinamo football club for EUR 4m

FC Dinamo majority shareholder Ionut Negoita has announced Monday evening, for Digi Sport that he intends to sell the football club for EUR 4 million.

“My decision to withdraw is irreversible, it is 100% my decision. The price is moderate. I owe Mr. Badea EUR 2 million and I want EUR 2 million more. I want to offer the chance to performance for the next owner. I invested EUR 1 million in Saftica sports base. It’s a football club which has the Saftica sport base, a bus and tens of motorcars. Most probably, only the material base is worth EUR 4 million,” Negoita said.

He added it was his miskate to take over a club with huge debts. “After five years we haven’t done miracles, but Dinamo is still alive. (…) My soul will remain with Dinamo,” he added.

Businessman Ionut Negoita has taken over FC Dinamo in August 2012 from Cristian Borcea. Consequently, Negoita has become majority shareholder with 90% in March 2013, by taking over the shares from Nicolae Badea and Dragos Savulescu.

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