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Kovesi: Over 7,600 ongoing high-level corruption cases at DNA

The chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi informs that there are over 7,600 ongoing criminal cases at theDNA, all targeting the top corruption.

“Precisely today we have over 7,600 criminal cases under way. All these files target the high-level corruption. I cannot say in figures how many dignitaries or top leading people are investigated, for we only keep track based on the crimes that have been committed and these refer to the high-level corruption,” Kovesi told an interview to Agerpres.

The anti-corruption head says that at present there are no lawmaking problems to block the investigators’ activity, yet warning that the MPs vote in the case of ministers and former ministers can block the judiciary.

“If we refer to the latest events, we can say there is this issue of the immunities, particularly eyeing ministers or former ministers suspected of corruption crimes during their mandates and who enjoy a lifelong immunity. In such cases, our activity is blocked if, for instance, a vote in Parliament is vetoing the prosecution go-ahead. Yes, in such cases, the judiciary is blocked by a political vote,” Kovesi argued.

On the other hand, she pointed out that the anti-corruption prosecutors are mainly concerned with “the corruption’s dramatic effects” rather than with “the attacks coming from the investigated persons,” hinting to the latest statements made by MP Sebastian Ghita on the alleged forged expertize report on Kovesi’s PhD thesis.

“If we talk about concerns, we are more concerned with the dramatic effects of corruption and not with the attacks coming from the investigated persons,” Kovesi stated.

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