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Liberal local leader resigns from party positions over corruption charges

Marian Petrache, leader of the Ilfov County Council, is charged with blackmail and bribe taking by the anti-corruption prosecutors. After being heard and informed about the charges, Petrache announced he would resign from all party positions but not from the helm of the County Council.

Marian Petrache is secretary general of the National Liberal Party and leader of the PNL Ilfov branch.

The crimes were allegedly committed during 2007-2008 when Petrache was secretary of state in the Interior Ministry, when the Interior minister was Liberal Cristian David.

However, Petrache is also facing charges from the time he was head of the PNL Ilfov.

After leaving the DNA HQs, Petrache said he is accused of blackmailing Jilava mayor Adrian Mladin for he would have found out that the mayor had changed his ID paper on Bucharest and would have received in exchange a trip to Monte Carlo, worth EUR 2,800.

Petrache said that nine years ago, Jilava mayor changed his ID paper on Bucharest, although he ran for the city hall in Jilava, which would have meant that he would lose his mayor mandate. Petrache admitted that he did go to that trip to Monte Carlo paid by Mladin but denied he would have blackmailed Jilava mayor.

“How to blackmail my own mayor? It’s outrageous,” Petrache told journalists.

Marian Petrache is one if the influential Liberal leaders and it is not the first time he has law-related problems.

A criminal file was opened amid local elections last year after a footage featuring Petrache was revealed in the mass media. The leader of the PNL Ilfov was heard talking about a strategy of bringing people to polls. He retorted back then that he didn’t do anything illegal, however the Ilfov Police was notified ex officio and opened a case for suspicions to corrupt voters.

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