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Mountain climbing: Justin Ionescu also climbs Everest peak

The president of the Romanian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, Justin Ionescu, has reached the Everest peak (8,848 m) on Tuesday, shortly after another Romanian climber, Horia Colibasanu, managed to climb the highest mountain on the planet.

“News from Himalaya: Justin Ionescu has reached the Everest peak on the southern side of the massif yesterday. More information as we have it,” the federation announced on its Facebook page.

Earlier on Tuesday Horia Colibasanu has managed a premiere for Romanian climbing, but also a remarkable international sporting performance: he climbed the Everest peak (8,848 m), the highest on the planet, without bottled oxygen and without the help of a Sherpa team.

“It was terribly heavy, very, very cold. I succeeded. I’m fine, I’ll have pictures on the peak and get off. On the other side of the peak there are the expeditions that climb the southern route,” Horia sent a message as soon as he reached the top.

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