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Munich police capture suspected knife attacker, Romanian among the injured

Munich police have detained a suspected knife-wielding assailant after several people were attacked and injured in various locations across the Bavarian capital. The attacks prompted a citywide manhunt, dw.com reports.

At least four people were wounded in a series of attacks on Saturday morning, but none of them sustained life-threatening injuries, according to Munich police. A SWAT team managed to arrest a suspect after a large-scale search that lasted about three hours. However, officers warned that it was not yet completely certain that the detained man was the one responsible for the violence.

“We have arrested a person who very strongly resembles the description by witnesses, but we cannot confirm that he is the attacker,” police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins told reporters.

Police chief Hubertus Andrae later said that his team had ruled out terrorism as a motive for the attack, saying he believed that the suspect had mental health problems.

During the search, police described the suspect as a thickset man of about 40, with short blond hair, unshaven, wearing a green jacket, gray pants and a backpack with a sleeping pad attached. He was reportedly riding a black bicycle

A Romanian is among the injured people in Munich on Saturday, domestic sources say.

According to a communiqué by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), the Romanian Consulate General in Munich closely follows the events related to the incident in Munich on Saturday, and undertakes demarches on the local authorities to obtain information if Romanians citizens are among the affected persons.

“According to the data released by the local authorities, among the victims of the incidents is a Romanian citizen, who was easily injured and received ambulatory medical care. The Consulate General of Romania in Munich is closely following the case# and is in contact with the local authorities, being ready to provide consular assistance,” MAE informs.


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