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President Iohannis after the European Council in Brussels: Romania wants to enter an area of strategic planning

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Friday in Brussels, after the meeting of the European Council, that the message conveyed by the EU leaders is a positive one, with the pledge to make the Union “better, closer to the citizen.”

The general message that we can send after these two days is a positive one. We stand united, we are determined to go forward, not just anyhow, but with optimism, to make the Union better, closer to the citizen. (…) Today, we have discussed the so-called agenda of the leaders, proposed by President Tusk, an agenda for the upcoming two years, which plans how and where we meet, so that we can clear up as many issues as possible, and in order to be able to design the future of the EU. It is an important paradigm shift,” President Iohannis said.

The Romanian head of state added that Romania wants to enter an area of strategic planning. “In the past years, we usually reacted to anything that happened to us, we tried to manage crisis. Now we want to enter an area of strategic planning and to build the Union’s future for the European citizens,” Iohannis pointed out.

He announced that Romania decided, alongside the participant countries, to support the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.

The migration topic was also high on the autumn European Council’s agenda, with President Iohannis saying that it has been the first meeting held in a positive, encouraging note.

We had a discussion on migration yesterday and I have to admit it has been the first discussion on this issue in a rather positive, encouraging tone. We have good results on all migration routes, in the way that the migration has decreased very much. It is also owed to the efforts made by the EU, but also to the efforts made by some member states. For instance, Italy has had a huge involvement and with very beautiful results,” Klaus Iohannis said.

Debates in Brussels on Friday also tackled the Brexit issue. “Initially, we worked on the idea that we’ll find out a situation today to allow us take the next step. Negotiations have been intense, progress has been made, but not enough. But this should not prompt pessimism, the stances have somehow got closer, but not enough to move on. We’ll keep on negotiating and we’ll try to have an Ok situation by the next Council in December,” Iohannis stated.

He added that Brexit timetable is not observed anymore. “We cannot get over the sensitive issues for the sake of a timetable,” he argued.

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