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President Iohannis to challenge the ordinance on appointing the DGPI head to the Constitutional Court

President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Thursday that the Directorate General for Internal Protection (DGPI) is a militarized institution that cannot work without the National Supreme Defence Council’s go-ahead. The President announced that ultimately he will challenge the law voted in Parliament to the Constitutional Court of Romania.

His move comes after the Senate’s recent decision to cut the CSAT from the procedure of appointing the head of DGPI, Interior Ministry’s intelligence service.

It’s not possible, it’s an error, a mistake. As long as the institution is militarized, it cannot work without the CSAT’s consent. Regardless of what the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies want, this is way the Romanian institutions are working, according to the Constitution and if this solution is maintained, which is not constitutional, in my view, the case will go to the Constitutional Court (…) Ultimately I will challenge it to the Constitutional Court, but for now we are awaiting for the Parliament to come to itself and to get back to nomal,” President Iohannis stated.

Klaus Iohannis opined that the ordinance amending the procedure of appointing the DGPI head or the ANCOM president, is a case of “a political reason” of power, in order “to cut the President, CSAT respectively from certain procedures”.

I see PSD’s political motivation here. It’s obvious enough after the ANCOM case, now with this service of the Interior Ministry, PSD is trying to cut the presidential institution from certain procedures. It’s an error,” the head of state added.

The Presidency has slammed the Senate’s vote on the DGPI few days ago.

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