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Record grain and freight traffic through the port of Constanta in 2016

The total traffic of freight registered through the Romanian maritime ports was of 59.5 million tonnes in 2016, up by 5.5 percent in a year-on-year comparison, APM SA Constanta (Constanta Port) National Company announced in a press release on Wednesday.

At the same time, the grain traffic through the Black Sea port of Constanta has beaten the record registered last year. In 2016, 20.4 million tonnes of grain were handled through the port of Constanta, as compared to 19.61 million tonnes in 2015.

Cereals had a share of 34.3 percent in total traffic, followed by crude oil – 12.6 percent, miscellaneous – 11.6 percent, petroleum products – 9.5 percent and non-ferrous ores and scrap – 5.3 percent.

Traffic increases were also registered for natural and chemical fertilizers (from1.84 million tonnes in 2015 to 2.92 million tonnes in 2016), oil seeds and oil fruits (from1.95 million tonnes to 2.91 million tonnes), crude oil (from 6.6 million tonnes to 7.5 million tonnes)

The maritime traffic registered 46.19 million tonnes (43.6 million tonnes in 2015) and the river traffic reached 13.23 million tonnes (as compared to 12.73 million tonnes in 2015).

The container traffic has registered 6.9 million tonnes (+0.7 percent), respectively 711,339 TEU (+3.23 percent) last year, as compared to the same period of 2015, when there were registered 6.85 million tonnes, respectively 689,066 TEU.

Over 14,500 vessels called at the Romanian maritime ports in 2016.




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