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Romania, first in EU on multinationals dependence

Romania’s economy ranks first in the European Union as regards its dependence on multinationals, the results of the latest research conducted by prof. Dr. Cezar Mereuta, based on Eurostat data, reveal, digi24.ro informs, quoting zf.ro.

48 percent of the total turnover recorded by the companies present in Romania and 44 percent of the added value in the economy are generated by foreign companies.

By comparison, in Poland, multinationals generates about 30 percent of total turnover in the economy and 29 percent of total added value.

In Cezar Mereuta opinion, the Romanian government should create a department to monitor the multinationals, so as to prevent potential crises.

The leader of Romania’s Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea claimed that multinationals supported the protests that took place this February in Bucharest and all over the country, in response to the impact of the controversial tax and legislative changes

He was arguing that the events have been organized in a professional manner.





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