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Romania – Vice-champion of the Robot Sumo Tournament in Tokyo

The Romanian team called ‘Flex’, has ranked second in the 29th edition of the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament, held in Tokyo in December, when 120 robots from 25 countries competed.

The independent robot ‘Cheetah’, the world’s second-best robot, is a miniature electric car made of aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre, developed to allow attack and elimination of the adverse robot in the ring. The world tour took place in the Queen Mega Sumo class, where robots with size of 20×20 cm and weight of maximum 3 kilos compete.

The ‘Flex’ team, made up by Eng. Adrian Gaspar, Dr. Eng. Andreea Beciu, Dr. Eng. Bogdan Istrate, Dr. Teodor Rosca, Eng. Cristina Teodorescu, Eng. Maria Laura Nichifor, Eng. Marius Gibu, Eng. Ovidiu Marius Alexandru, Eng. Robert Cotofana, Suzana Neacsu, students Andrei Kovari, Mircea Zamfira and student Andrei Tudor, scored the best result so far in such a competition.

Romania has participated in the world championship with four teams, ‘Flex’ getting the best ranking, just after Poland’s robot, declared the first place winner.

The competition was also attended by the Romanian teams ‘Evo Robotics’ from Bucharest, ‘Balmotus’ and ‘Specular’ from Cluj-Napoca.

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