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Romeo Castellucci, Pascal Bruckner, Frederic Beigbeder, MASH and Grotowski Institute to attend Undercloud’s anniversary

The independent theatre is spiffed out during August 22-31. ARCUB- Gabroveni, with the support of Bucharest city hall, will host the anniversary tenth edition of the Undercloud Independent Theatre Festival, which became international four years ago.

The 10th edition of the festival will bring the most famous contemporary theatre companies from Italy, Poland and Israel in Bucharest, as well as internationally renowned theatre directors, actors and writers.

56-year-old Romeo Castellucci, one of the most bold and innovative contemporary directors, will present “Iulius Caesar. Excerpts” at Undercloud. One of the most avant-garde creations of our times, the show is focusing on the idea of the word’s materiality, on dissecting the conventional eloquence’s methods and on their exposure as being fake and incapable of really sending a message. Iulius Caesar is a current mise en scene, sharply but veiledly talking about the danger of current dictators/dictatorships and about the most snaky trap that we could fall into – the one of the silence in front of danger.foto Iulius Caesar

The famous Grotowski Institute from Poland will stage „Krapp’s last tape” in Bucharest, a show adappted by Samuel Beckett, directed by Jarosław Fret and performed by Alessandro Curti. The artist proposes an event reversal of Beckett’s text: a young actor registers his voice to use the tape on the moment in the future when he will be ready to play Krapp’s character. Krapp

Famous French writers Pascal Bruckner and Frederic Beigbeder are also among the honorary guests at Undercloud this year.

Two events will have Pascal Bruckner into the limelight: “The President’s Christmas” will be staged as a first at the festival, as well as his second theatre play, “What will you have?” directed by Chris Simion-Mercurian.

Oona & Salinger’s reading show, after the homonym novel by Frederic Beigbeder’s will be released as a first at Undercloud, in a production directed by Chris Simion-Mercurian. The author imagines a love story to be doomed to failure between the US icon novelist J.D. Salinger and Oona, the daughter of equally famous novelist Eugene O’Neill.

At the same time, on August 25, the audience is invited to see the 700th representation of the show „Love lasts 3 years” after Beigbeder’s homonym novel, also directed by Chris Simion-Mercurian.

Mashol Salem Dance House (MASH), the most important theatre-dance company in Israel, will come for the first time in Bucharest to present three of its productions: Gravitas, HA-E 4-2 and Ani-Ma.

MASH is promoting independent artists in Israel, hosting local and foreign productions and has become an artistic center for the audience in the past years, especially as it is located in a delicate area, in Musrara district, between the Old City and the western part of Jerusalem.



Performers from Gravitas are coordinated by Ofir Yudilevitch, while HA-E 4-2 (The Island) is created by the famous Israeli choreographer Ido Tadmor, telling the friendship story between two soldiers in a war zone. Ani-Ma is the first solo show of young Israeli female artist Roni Chadash.

The first tickets for the shows racing in the Competition sections have been put up for sale at Arcub booking office (84-90 Lipscani street), during 14:00-20:00 and online at https://www.mystage.ro/#/undercloud-15 and https://eventbook.ro/program/undercloud.

A ticket costs RON 35.

Spectators will also benefit of 1+1 campaign Life without Cash, supported by Raiffeisen Bank: if one buys a ticket with a Raiffeisen card at Arcub booking office, the second ticket is free of charge. The promotion is also valid online.

UNDERCLOUD is running under the aegis of the European programme „Europe for Festivals. Festivals for Europe”.

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