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Rompetrol plans to build the first eco-friendly gas station in Romania by 2020

Rompetrol plans to build the first green fueling station in Romania by 2020, said Costinela Dragan, Communications and Sustainability Manager, KMG International, at the ‘Sustainability: Shaping the Future of Brands’ press conference.

“Over the next three years, we will have a sustainable fuel station where sustainable materials will be used, we aim to capture CO2, LED lighting, electric car charging points. The investment will be based on the Repsol model, which planned to build in Spain, Madrid, the world’s first gas station BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) -certified, as a sustainable gas station. We also plan to have, perhaps in the next five years, the first green deposit,” KMG International official stated.

According to her, the projects on sustainability are extremely important worldwide, and Romania has undertaken to align with these initiatives.

Specialists say that compared with conventional designs, eco petrol stations offer two major benefits for fuel retailers.

First, it’s about the financial perspective, in terms of reduced costs to run the eco petrol stations and therefore a lower life time cost, which should more than outweigh any higher initial expenditure or incremental capital costs to build them.

Early adoption of environmentally friendly technology and behaviour fits neatly with the softer, environmentally-friendly values that customers nowadays expect. Broadly speaking, research shows that, given two equal and indistinguishable looking products, the one with greater green credentials will be preferred. Commercial value is therefore highlighted by the potential for increased shop and fuel sales, plus the opportunity to offset advertising costs

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