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Row in ALDE. Tariceanu says he’s been blackmailed, Constatin accuses Tariceanu put persons facing legal problems on the lists

ALDE Co-chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu said on Sunday at the end of the party’s Standing Delegation that he had been practically blackmailed by the other ALDE co-chair Daniel Constantin at the previous general elections regarding certain party members who were to run for an MP seat, adding that he had conceded for otherwise the party would have risked gridlock and would have failed to file the lists.

“The relation that has been colleague-like lately had its first syncope at the general elections. I have been practically blackmailed by Daniel Constantin regarding certain colleagues who were to run for the Parliament. I was not against their candidatures, but against their positions on the list. The discussion was trenchant and I told him that if I didn’t accept it is going to be a gridlock and we’d fail to file the lists, and so ALDE would not work. And he told me he has no problem with that. As many times, someone has to concede, I did it, but the concession was very expensive, as I had to sacrifice some of the people who had worked so that we could run for these elections,” Tariceanu stated.

He pointed out that he could not accept “this way of collaboration”, saying that Daniel Constatin has denied lately to agree on several matters related to the running of the party.

Tariceanu announced at the end of the Sunday’s meeting that the party’s extraordinary congress would be convened for April 21, revealing his intentions to run for the party’s helm.

In his turn, the other co-chairman Daniel Constantin said it is “embarrassing” that Calin Popescu Tariceanu is talking about he is being blackmailed when the lists for the general elections have been made, considering that Tariceanu would have insisted to designate persons facing law problems. “Unfortunately, Mr. Tariceanu put on ALDE and Government’s table his interests and the interests of a restricted influence group,” Constantin argued.

He announced that he would challenge in court the decision to convene the party’s extraordinary congress on April 21, arguing that the Standing Delegation’s decisions would be also challenged, as they were not statutory.

Daniel Constatin left the room where the Standing Delegation was taking place, together with a group of the leadership members, arguing the meeting is not statutory for not all members of the Standing Delegation had been convoked.

Liviu Dragnea, the ruling party’s chairman, opined that the current government’s parliamentary endorsement would not be affected by this row. However, he said he doesn’t understand why Daniel Constatin is angry.

“I don’t understand Daniel Constatin why he is so angry and nervous precisely in this period. We still want an alliance with ALDE and wo hope to have an alliance with all ALDE lawmakers. Now, if Mr. Daniel Constantin wants to get out of the Government, it’s a personal option,” said Dragnea.

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