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World Cup III in Lucerne

Rowing: Romania’s women’s eight team wins gold at World Cup III in Lucerne

The Romanian women’s eight crew, made up by Ioana Vrinceanu, Mihaela Petrila, Denisa Talvescu, Madalina Beres, Iuliana Popa, Adelina Bogus, Laura Oprea + Daniela Druncea has won the gold medal at the World Rowing Cup III in Lucerne, Switzerland.

After 2,000 m of the event on the Rotsee natural lake, the Romanian W8+ rowers were timed 6min02sec810/1000, followed a boat away, in 6min04sec830/1000, by New Zealand’s team, while the UK came in third, in 6min10sec340/1000.

In the (M8+) men’s eight final, Romanian rowers Cristian Ivascu, Marius Cosmiuc, Adrian Damii, Constantin Adam, Constantin Radu, Sergiu Bejan, Cristi Pirghie, Ciprian Tudosa + Adrian Munteanu, ranked fourth, in  5min29sec470/1000 in a race where Germany ranked first in 5min24sec310/1000.

The youngest Romanian participants in the A-final at M2 – Mihaita Tiganasu and Cosmin Pascari (both 19) -came the 4th, in 6min48sec300/1000, with the New Zealand taking the first spot, in 6min34sec500/1000.

Meanwhile, Ioan Prundeanu and Marian Enache, M2x team members, ranked 5th in the B-final, in 6min35sec840/1000, with Canada ranking the first in 6min24sec310/1000.

Romania was represented by four teams at this year’s edition of World Rowing Cup III, the most important competition before the World Rowing Championships in the US — Sarasota.

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