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Simona Halep’s cousin committed suicide. The young man hanged himself, allegedly having high debts to usurers

Simona Halep’s cousin, aged 29, has committed suicide, as he was found hanged with a cord in the hallway of his home in Constanta.

According to the Constanta police, Nicica Arghir was found hanged on Monday afternoon in nicica arghirthe lobby of his home in Constanta; the young man was discovered by an uncle who called on the police.

According to the first information, the young man was addicted to gambling and had a lot of debts, including to usurers, gsp.ro informs. Nicica Arghir was 29 years old and apparently has committed suicide because of high debts due to his passion for gambling. Police noted he had hanging specific traces on his neck. His body has been deposited to the morgue. The body is now at the Central Cemetery, in view of autopsy and establishing the exact causes of death.

According to preliminary data, the man’s body has no traces of violence, but only those caused by hanging. Arghir did not leave any note to explain his gesture. The young is the cousin of Simona Halep, their mothers are sisters.

Police is still investigating the case.

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep is to attend the Indian Wells tennis tournament in the United States, starting on Wednesday. Sources quoted by sport.ro say Simona Halep could retire from the competition and get back to Romania to stand besides her family after this tragic event.

 According to Romania TV, the neighbours said that Nicica Arghir’s parents were wealthy people; they owned a gas station and a cheese producing facility. But the usurers took all the young man’s cars to recover their debts.

The friends of the 29-year youngster were shocked when they heard the news that he committed suicide. A former college classmate and best friend said to ‘Replica de Constanta’ the young man was always full of life, funny, and there was no sign that he wants to commit suicide. “We went together to the college at Ovidius. I do not know what pushed him to do that. He had never complained about problems or debts,” the friend said.

The friends confirmed that he was a gaming enthusiast.

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