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Italian MP: Italy imported Romanian “criminals”, while Romania imports Italian companies

luigi di maio

Italian deputy, member of the M5S populist party, Luigi Di Maio, stirred harsh controversies after he stated that Italy has imported 40 percent of the Romanian “criminals”, while Romania has imported Italian companies. The Romanian ambassador in Rome slammed allegations. ...

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Court of Accounts: EUR 40 M prejudice on public procurement in Romania

public procurement

The Court of Accounts has checked almost 2,700 public entities last year and found out 23,500 public irregularities, with a prejudice of EUR 400 M. EUR 40 M out of this sum represents prejudices on public procurement. According to the ...

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3 in 10 Romanian parents use corrections to rear their children, UNICEF says

child punishment

Three in ten parents in Romania think that punishing children is useful, 11% are instantly slapping their child and 54% are frequently raising voice at kids, reads the latest UNICEF study. “Violence on children is complex, concerning issue and we ...

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Investigation on ex-intelligence head Coldea not closed, confirms vacations with Sebastian Ghita


The parliamentary committee for the SRI control, which heard the SRI director Eduard Hellvig for seven hours on Wednesday including on the service’s reports on Florian Coldea-Sebastian Ghita case, revealed that the SRI’s internal investigation confirmed that the former first-deputy ...

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Igor Dodon requests suspension from office of R. of Moldova’s ambassador to Bucharest. PM Filip turns down the request


Republic of Moldova President Igor Dodon has requested the Moldovan government the initiation of the suspension from office procedure of the ambassador to Bucharest, Mihai Gribincea, Radio Chisinau and deschide.md inform. Presidency spokesman Ion Ceban has posted on Facebook a ...

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Moldovan President Dodon to ask for revoking the ambassador in Bucharest


Republic of Moldova President Igor Dodon stated that he would ask the government to revoke the ambassador to Bucharest, Mihai Gribincea (photo) , who said that the decree withdrawing Traian Basescu’s Moldovan citizenship could be declared unconstitutional. “I’m surprised to ...

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