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August 31, Romanian Language Day. 28 million people worldwide speak Romanian

ziua limbii romanian language

August 31 was proclaimed, by Law 53/2013, as the Day of Romanian Language. Also on August 31, Republic of Moldova marks the similar celebration called ‘Our Language’, celebrated since 1990. Romanian is the fifth most spoken of the Romanic languages, ...

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Cigarette smuggling on upward trend to 16pc of the market

trafic tigari

The share of the smuggled cigarettes in Romania expanded to 16% in July from 15.1% in May, following a downward trend in the past eleven months, a survey by Novel Research released on Thursday informs. The north-eastern region is most ...

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Romania, Bulgaria consider to build new ‘friendship bridge’

Giurgiu-Ruse bridge

Congestion and huge queues are something common, especially during the summer season between Romania and Bulgaria, the traffic on Giurgiu-Ruse bridge, also known as ‘the friendship bridge’  has doubled compared to 2016 and the bridge can no longer cope with ...

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