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DIICOT: Criminal law amendments don’t comply with the EP Directive on extended seizure

diicot gendarmerie

The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) on Friday released a different opinion on the draft amending the criminal codes, after DNA and the Prosecutor’s Office have mainly agreed the Justice Ministry’s proposals. DIICOT argues that the criminal ...

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DNA: Proposals to amend criminal law, opportune, yet technical observations are needed


The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) said on Thursday that the proposals in the draft amending the criminal codes are, in the main, opportune, but certain technical observations are needed, which were sent to the Justice Ministry. “DNA considers that most ...

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President postpones referendum, may use it as insurance policy if PSD attempts another attack on justice

decl-iohannis pm

President Klaus Iohannis will not start now the procedures for referendum on justice, but has not given up the idea of a referendum, will use it as insurance policy for saving justice if the Social-democratic Party (PSD) will try again ...

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Five defendants get away with the abuse of office charges

abuse of office

Two court rulings in two different cities these days prompted to the discharge of five people accused of abuse of office, on the ground that the offense in their cases is not stipulated in the criminal law anymore. The acquittal ...

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Senate’s legal committee passes EO 14 repealing the controversial criminal law amendments. Prosecutor’s Office’s representative banned from attending the sitting

senate language

The Senate’s Legal Committee on Monday evening unanimously passed a positive report with amendments on a draft approving emergency ordinance 14/2017, which repeals the controversial emergency ordinance n0 13 that has taken people to the streets in protest. The leader ...

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