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US Ambassador Klemm on America’s Independence Day: We’ll now work with our Romanian friends to strengthen the Strategic Partnership

File photo

The United States of America are celebrating on Tuesday the 241st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. The American ambassador in Bucharest, Hans Klemm, praised the Strategic Partnership with Romania, while inviting Romanians to celebrate America’s Independence Day. Hans Klemm ...

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Eurobarometer: 54pc of Romanians support EU membership, considered a good thing by more and more Europeans


Support for EU membership is on the rise, most Europeans prefer a common European reply to challenges, the most recent Eurobarometer, commissioned by the European parliament, reveals. The data show almost the same results as in 2007. 54% of the ...

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Another #rezist protest set for Sunday in Bucharest: ‘Stop game. In democracy, the corrupt are in jail’

protesters resist

The protesters are getting mobilized again on social networks, on Sunday they will reunite and to show discontent with the government and the parliament. This time, the meeting point is the Parliament Palace at 18.00h, the Facebook page dedicated to ...

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SocDem mayor of Iasi Mihai Chirica adopts „#resist” slogan


The mayor of Iasi, Social Democrat Mihai Chirica, recently stripped of all party positions by the leadership, thanked the locals for their support in a Facebook post and told us they don’t have to take to the street to endorse ...

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US message to Bucharest: The rule of law should be strengthened, Hoyt Yee says

hoyt MAE

Hoyt Brian Yee, US Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs has said in Bucharest that the message from Washington regarding the anti-corruption fight is clear: the rule of law should be strengthened, not weakened. The US official ...

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Crown Princess Margareta: Democracy is not on the safe side forever

crown princess margareta royal house

Romanian Crown Princess Margareta on Thursday published a tough message slamming the “habit of using power arbitrarily”, while stating that ‘it’s inspiring to see Romanians keeping the noble tradition to fight for principles and ideals’. Without particularly naming the government ...

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Justice Minister – interrupted by USR MPs during press statement, tries to offer explanations on emergency ordinance

USR protest justice minister

Justice Minister Florin Iordache showed dissatisfaction on Wednesday for being criticized “for an essential issue of democracy – he laws are made by law-makers” and has tried to explain the government emergency ordinance issued Tuesday night. After reading the press ...

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PM Ciolos’ first reaction after the vote: I would have liked to be able to thank more Romanians, particularly youngsters

ciolos vote

PM Dacian Ciolos had his first reaction after the general elections’ outcome, thanking all those who endorsed him, while saying he would have liked to be able to thank more Romanians, particularly youngsters, for having taken part in the vote. ...

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