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GDP up by 5.7pc in Q1. Average net wage in May – RON 2,362

Romania's GDP

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by 5.7% as gross series and by 5.6% as seasonally adjusted series against the similar period last year, according to provisional data released by the National Statistics Institute (INS) on Friday. As compared to ...

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Monthly income per household – RON 3,250 on average


The total monthly average income per household was of RON 3,250 and the expenditures amounted to RON 2,761per month in the first quarter of this year, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informed on Thursday. The overall monthly average income in ...

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Turnover of retail trade, up by 8.2pc in 5 months


The turnover of retail trade (excluding the trade with motor vehicles and motorcycles), as gross series, registered an increase of 7.9% in the first five months of the current year as compared to the similar period of 2016 and, as ...

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Romania: A doctor is in charge of 345 patients

salrii doctori

Each Romanian doctor is in charge of 345 patients, according to the National Statistics Institute. There are 57,000 doctors in Romania, which means that each one of them has to take care of an average of 345 patients. This is ...

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Unemployment rate up to 5.4pc

somaj 3

The number of unemployed increased in May by 7,425 as compared to the previous month, up to 478,312 and the unemployment rate rose to 5.4%, according to the data released on Monday by the National Statistics Institute (INS). The month ...

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Foreign tourists in Romania in Q1 spent EUR 500/person/stay, less than one-day spending by tourists in Greece

tourism romania

The total number of foreign tourists staying in Romania in the first quarter of this year was of about 450,000 and their expenses amounted to a total of RON 500 million, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) informed on Friday. ...

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Energy consumption down by 3pc in the first 4 months


Final electricity consumption totalled 18,567 billion kWh in the first four months of this year, by 3% lower than in the similar period of 2016, according to data provided by the National Statistics Institute (INS) on Wednesday. Household consumption declined ...

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Ratio between pensioners and employees – 9 to 10 in Q1

pensionari 2

The ratio between the average number of state social security pensioners and employees was in the first quarter of 9 to 10. According to the National Statistics Institute (INS), this ratio shows significant variations in the territorial profile, from only ...

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0.6pc annual inflation rate in May


The annual inflation rate in May was of 0.6%, with price increases for the foodstuff by 2.3% and non-food goods of 0.23%, but also with price decreases for services by 1.26%, the National Statistics Institute (INS) reports. “Consumer goods prices ...

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Romania’s commercial deficit –EUR 1 billion in April

commercial deficit

Romania’s exports were up by 1.5% in April, while imports advanced by 5%, encouraged by the consumption rise. Therefore, the commercial deficit climbed by 24.4% to EUR 1.05 billion, according to the National Institute of Statistics’ press release on Friday. ...

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