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Patriarch Daniel: King Michael was a man of great faith


Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) Patriarch Daniel has granted an interview in more than ten years, saying that King Michael I loved the Romanian people and was a patient man with great faith. “We have to admit that the King loved ...

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In interview to Euronews, DNA head Kovesi slams politicians, businessmen who undermine the anti-corruption fight


The chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate, Laura Codruta Kovesi said in an interview to Euronews that some politicians and businessmen are behind the ‘unbelievable attacks’ that risk derailing Romania from its anti-corruption track. Her statements, similar to those ...

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PSD Deputy Radulescu, not interested in CVM report, claims chief prosecutors should be appointed by Parliament

catalin radulescu

Social-democrat Deputy Catalin Radulescu has stated on Thursday he is not interested in the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) report and he suggests several amendments to the Justice Laws, among them that chief prosecutors are appointed by the Parliament, whereas ...

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Political control over criminal justice is intended, Prosecutor General says

augustin lazar hexi pharma

Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar says, in an interview to ‘Revista 22’ that, by amending the justice laws the establishment of political control over criminal justice is intended. “It is obvious. Political control over the Public Ministry is intended, such a ...

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Unprecedented CSM decision, Constitutional Court President called to dialogue

csm CVM

The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) reproaches the President of the Constitutional Court (CCR) that he has affected the independence of the judiciary through the statements made in the press during an interview and has sent him an invitation to ...

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Jens Stoltelberg, ahead of the coming visit, commends Romania’s contribution in terms of cyber security and intelligence


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg commends Romania’s contributions to the Alliance in the areas of cyber security and intelligence, as well as the decision to invest 2% of GDP in military endowment. In an interview to HotNews.ro, Stoltenberg announced that ...

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Moldovan President Igor Dodon tells Romania to give up unionist objectives


The President of Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, has asked Romania to give up the unionist objectives with the neighbouring country. In an interview granted to public television TVR Cluj, Dodon claimed there are unionist projects funded by politicians in ...

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Russian Ambassador to Bucharest Valeri Kuzmin: Deveselu anti-missile shield can be equipped with nuclear warheads

valeri kuzmin 2

Russian Ambassador to Bucharest Valeri Kuzmin said in an interview to Realitatea TV that the Patriot defensive missile system, which Romania wants to acquire from the Americans, could be deployed to defend foreign military bases. “It’s your decision within NATO, ...

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Anti-corruption head Kovesi: The recordings from DNA meeting, fake

file photo

In an interview to ziare.com, the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi said that the recordings from the DNA meeting featuring her and her subordinated prosecutors, are not real, but they are edited excerpts from ...

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