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Liviu Dragnea: Anything can happen if Iohannis turns down the PSD proposal for Premier

Liviu Dragnea

Social-democrat leader Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday evening that President Klaus Iohannis cannot turn down the PSD proposal for Premier if the party will win the majority. In an interview for ‘Ziarul Financiar’ Dragnea said PSD will submit one proposal ...

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Michael Douglas refers to Romanian language, Romanian immigrants in CNN interview

michael douglas CNN

Hollywood actor Michael Douglas mentioned Romanian language and Romanian immigrants in the UK during an interview granted to CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour. Talking about his take on the U.S. election and why blaming the country’s economic ills on immigration is ...

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Update: Balance sheet for Klaus Iohannis, one year after Colective tragedy. Taxes should not be changed before elections

decl-iohannis pm

President Klaus Iohannis has made the balance sheet almost one year after the tragedy at ‘Colectiv’ night club in Bucharest that has led to the change of government. “I am satisfied with the way the government has tackled the public ...

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EXCLUSIVE: The harder you try to ‘force’ networking the less you will succeed

paul renaud, networking

Interview with Paul Renaud, Certified Executive Coach (ICF), TEDx Speaker.   Networking is about helping others first and then being helped in return. Networking is a ‘state of mind’ and you should always reach out to people regardless of the ...

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Exclusive interview-Goran Bregovic: My music is at home in Romania

goran bregovic

I’ve always been fascinated with this Romanian way of loving music and making music. I met the people, musicians, criminals, politicians and everything that makes Romania charming and beautiful. I can’t imagine world without Gypsies, it’s the same imagining America ...

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