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Gov’t to set up in each county a committee of 4 people to ensure that all companies apply the tax revolution

solidarity tax

A mechanism aimed at monitoring the implementation of the ordinance on the Tax Code amendments, as well as the changes in the field of social dialogue, was set up by a collaboration protocol signed by the Romanian Confederation of Free ...

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Employers have one month to negotiate new labour contracts for the transfer of contributions


Employers are required to negotiate with their employees, during November 20-December 20, the new employment contracts for the transfer of social security and health contributions from the employer to the employee, according to the Government Emergency Ordinance. Negotiations will take ...

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What did the Labour Ministry retort to the young woman with multiple sclerosis whose invalidity pension was suspended?

laura multiple sclerosis

After the case of Laura Florescu, a 37-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis the had her invalidity pension suspended by the state because she had published a poetry novel and cashed in RON 230 has caused indignation on social media and in ...

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Update 2: PM Tudose, trade unionists – opposite understanding of negotiations’ results. More than 4,000 protested against Gov’t decisions


The negotiations between Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and trade union leaders who organised the protesters in Victory Square have ended Wednesday afternoon. Bogdan Hossu, Cartel Alfa trade union leader, has announced that the non-transfer of social taxes from the employer ...

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The ratio between pensioners and employees, close to parity

pensionari 2

Data for the past five years show that the ratio between pensioners and those who support them through budget contributions is back on track. Currently is the smallest difference between the number of pensioners and the number of employees. This ...

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Ciolos’ ex-aide proposes fund to support “honest politics, journalism”

Credit photo: Marian Iliescu

PM Ciolos’ former adviser, Valeriu Nicolae, currently secretary of state with the Labour Ministry, proposed setting up a fund to support “honest people who want to go in for politics and journalism the way it should be”. Nicolae says that ...

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200 Sanitas trade unionists protest in front of Ministry of Finance

file photo

More than 200 trade unionists in the health system have started on Tuesday at 11.00h an action of picketing the Ministry of Finance, the second in the series generically called “A Tuesday with Sanitas” and a trade union delegation is ...

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Child allowance of EUR 35,000 per month, suspended. ANAF conducts checks. 272 people collect one third of the allowances budget

child allowance

The record child allowance of EUR 35,000 per month has been suspended. The National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) is to conduct checks on the income, if it is real and if all taxes have been paid to the state. ...

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