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Cirque du Soleil comes back in Bucharest to present latest “Varekai” show

cirque du soleil

Cirque du Soleil will return in Bucharest next year with six representations of the “Varekai” show, scheduled during May 3-7, 2017 at Romexpo, according to a press release of the organizers from Events. The performances will start on 8 p.m. ...

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Exclusive interview-Goran Bregovic: My music is at home in Romania

goran bregovic

I’ve always been fascinated with this Romanian way of loving music and making music. I met the people, musicians, criminals, politicians and everything that makes Romania charming and beautiful. I can’t imagine world without Gypsies, it’s the same imagining America ...

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Romanian-born Roma beggar fined EUR 38,000 in Austria


A Romanian-born woman of Roma origin begging in Austria was fined by EUR 38,000 for repeatedly begging together with a child, The Local informs. Mihaela Cristea is native from Romania, but she is presently living on the streets in Vorarlberg, ...

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MPs Madalin Voicu, Nicolae Paun indicted

madalin voicu

MPs Madalin Voicu and Nicolae Paun have been indicted in the file on the EU funds embezzlement. The European money was intended for a programme related to Roma’s social insertion. Nicolae Paun was sent to court for using forgery or ...

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Former president has to pay RON 600 fine for discriminating statements against Roma

roma discrimination

Former president Traian Basescu lost the trial in which he appealed the fine received in 2014 following his discriminating statements about Roma people. The High Court of Cassation and Justice on Friday overruled the appeal filed by Traian Basescu, while ...

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First regional committee for Roma set up in Romania


The first regional committee for Roman in Romania comprising tens of NGOs, institutions and local authorities in northwestern region was set up in Cluj-Napoca on Wednesday. According to the committee’s director Silviu Ispas, the new body rejoins over 30 NGOs, ...

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‘There are too many Gypsies in the Government’. Who said that?

gov't simple ordinances

The state adviser for Roma Dana Varga resigned on Thursday from the Cioloș Government, claiming the head of the prime minister Chancellery Dragoș Tudorache had told her “ there are too many Gypsies in the Government”. Dana Varga told Mediafax ...

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“Spartacus & Cassandra” wins the big trophy at Sibiu Astra Film Festival


“Spartacus &Cassandra” by Ioanis Nuguet won the big trophy of the 22nd edition of Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, running October 5-11. The winning film depicts the Roma’s culture and living, with the director casting an insightful look at the ...

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PM Victor Ponta sends message on Roma Holocaust

ponta explains

Prime Minister Victor Ponta sent a message on the Roma Holocaust commemorated on August 2. “71 years ago, in one day, on August 2, nearly 3,000 Roma – children, women and men – of the Roma family camp in Auschwitz ...

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Almost 5 million Romanians live in poverty. 1.4 million children affected


About 4.8 million Romanians, whereof 1.4 million children are affected by poverty, reveals a report of the National College of Social workers in Romania (CNASR). The study also shows that almost 700,000 disabled persons are deprived of expert services. “In ...

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