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The Romanian who won an Oscar this year


A Romanian national is among the happy winners of one of the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Ioan Boeriu is actually the first Romanian who won an Oscar prize, next to his team. Boieriu is the technical director for visual ...

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Five Romanians injured in a car accident in London in an alleged deliberate act

romanian injured

Five Romanian citizens were injured in Bellingham, southeastern London on Sunday by a drunken driver who has allegedly crashed into them on purpose. According to the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry, one of them is in critical condition and three are ...

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24yo female swimmer, the first woman in Romania who swam for 24 hours


A 24-year-old female student is the first woman in Romania who succeeded to swim for 24 hours at a contest recently held in Hungary. Demeny Helga has swum 52 km, meaning 1,000 rides in the Olympic pool during one day. ...

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