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8 Romanians injured in car crash in Italy

File photo

Eight Romanian citizens were injured in a car crash in northern Italy after their van collided with a convertible car that was coming from the opposite direction. One of the two passengers in the convertible has died, the Italian media ...

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Romanians sentenced to 50 years in prison for over GBP 3 M thefts in UK

Daily Mail

Members of an organised ‘Romanian Crime Academy’ were sentenced for nearly 50 years in jail after stealing goods worth more than GBP 3 million in 11 ‘meticulously planned’ raids between November 2015 and September 2016, Daily Mail reported. Targets included ...

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Three Romanian brothers to ask for EUR 1 M compensations over their late father’s alleged photo used on packs of cigarettes


Three Romanians born in Hunedoara but who live in the UK claim they have found out their late father’s image on some packs of cigarettes which are sold in several countries in the European Union. The Romanians’ lawyer announced they ...

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Who were the Romanians injured in the Westminster attack?

Westminster attack

The young couple injured in the Westminster bridge attack was on vacation in London to celebrate the man’s birthday on Friday. Andrei Burnaz and Andreea Cristea from Constanta (southeastern Romania) were on the Westminster Bridge when the attacker drove his ...

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Romanians are bad debtors on bank installments and utilities, study says

bad debtors

More than one third of Romanians (34%) are bad debtors on bank loans, while another 35 percent pay their utilities bills with delay, according to a study by Kruk, the Polish debt collection company, released on Tuesday. The percentage of ...

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6 in 10 Romanians say they are happy


Six in ten Romanians are rather happy then unhappy, reads a study by the Research Institute of Quality of Life in Romania. Yet, the UN report on the happiness level worldwide in 2016 ranks Romania the 57th with an average ...

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How optimistic Romanians are on labour market and quality of life in 2017?

labour market

How optimistic are Romanians this year in terms of their jobs and country’s economy this year? According to a survey conducted by SmartDreamers online recruitment agency early this year, 29% of the respondents said they “were quite optimistic” about their ...

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