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President Iohannis in the US: The meeting with President Trump to have major positive impact on Romanians


While attending the debate 20 Years After – The Relevance of the Romanian – U.S. Strategic Partnership in the Current International and Security Context” in the US, dedicated to 20th anniversary from the conclusion of the bilateral strategic partnership, President ...

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WHO: Romanians, the heaviest drinkers in the EU

Romanians boast a sad record, being the most avid alcohol drinkers in the European Union, after Lithuanians and equal to the Czechs, as the latest statistics by the World Health Organization reveal. The WHO study says that every Romanian has ...

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Ex-PM Ciolos invites Romanians to join his Platform Romania 100


Former PM Dacian Ciolos has launched the Platform Romania 100, while inviting Romanians to join it. “In order to change Romania, an active, massive citizens’ involvement is needed, and as many people as possible are needed to bring up resources ...

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The Romanian bikes at the top in Europe


Romania became one of the most important bicycle producers in Europe, ranking sixth on volume production on the continent. Most part of the production is for export only. One million recreational bikes are made in Deva, Targoviste or Resita on ...

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Labour minister: Large private companies must understand that Romanians are no longer anyone’s slaves

labour minister private companies

Labour Minister Olguta Vasilescu made new controversial statement regarding the labour market and private companies. She told a private broadcaster that the large private companies must understand that Romanians are no longer anyone’s slaves. We haven’t abandoned the private environment, ...

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How much are Romanians involved in the recycling process?


Almost three quarters of the Romanians (74pc) are recycling shopping bags, while 64% of them are part of the recycling process in a way or another, reveals an iSense Solutions survey. The study shows that most of the Romanians are ...

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What is the budget allotted by Romanians for this Easter?

easter meal

Most of the Romanians say they are spending Easter holidays at home and will allot a budget of around RON 500 for the Easter meal, says a survey conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy (IRES) during April ...

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8 Romanians injured in car crash in Italy

File photo

Eight Romanian citizens were injured in a car crash in northern Italy after their van collided with a convertible car that was coming from the opposite direction. One of the two passengers in the convertible has died, the Italian media ...

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Romanians sentenced to 50 years in prison for over GBP 3 M thefts in UK

Daily Mail

Members of an organised ‘Romanian Crime Academy’ were sentenced for nearly 50 years in jail after stealing goods worth more than GBP 3 million in 11 ‘meticulously planned’ raids between November 2015 and September 2016, Daily Mail reported. Targets included ...

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