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EUR 2.42bn FDI in 2014, net value. Main attraction – Bucharest-Ilfov region


Romania attracted in 2014 foreign direct investments totalling EUR 2.42 billion, and the final balance of investments at the end of last year reached nearly EUR 60.2 billion, of which EUR 43.243 billion – equity stakes, including reinvested earnings (71.8 ...

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Unemployment rate stood at 6.8 pc in August, number of unemployed down by 0.6 pc. Number of building permits up by 20 pc


The unemployment rate has stagnated in August to 6.8%, but the number of unemployed decreased by 0.6% as compared to July, to 626,000 people, according to the INS. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was of 6.8%, the same level as ...

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Unemployment rate falls but youth unemployment peaks to 20.4 pc

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The unemployment rate in Q2 2015 was of 6.8%, down from 7.4% in the previous quarter, while unemployment among young people (15-24 years) reached the highest level, 20.4% according to data released on Tuesday by the National Statistics Institute (INS). ...

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157,000 second-hand cars registered in eight months

targ masini

Second-hand car registrations in Romania recorded an increase of 12.67% in the first eight months of the year, to 156,885 units, against the same period in 2014, when the number stood at 139,244 units, according to the statistics of the ...

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Almost one million foreign tourists visited Romania in H1, spent RON 2.58bn

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Hotels and pensions in Romania accommodated 975,400 foreign tourists in H1, over half of them (60%) taking part to congresses, conferences or training, and they spent a total of RON 2.58 billion, of which 54% represented costs of accommodation, according ...

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Wholesale trade up by 10.7 pc in July against the previous month, up by 2.8 pc against July last year

piata de gros

Wholesale trade turnover, excluding auto sales, increased in July, in nominal terms, as compared to the previous month both as gross series by 10.7% and as series adjusted by number of working days and seasonality by 2.2%. The development was ...

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INS: Constructions up by more than 11 pc


The volume of construction works increased in the first seven months of this year, both as gross series and as series adjusted by number of working days and seasonality, by 11.3% and 11.6% respectively against the same period last year, ...

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Romania has 5.3 million pensioners. The ratio between the average number of retirees on the state social insurance and employees is 1:1


At the end of this summer, the average number of pensioners in Romania was of 5.30 million, down 25,000 against the previous quarter, according to data released on Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INS). The highest ratio of retirees ...

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