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ALDE leader Johannes Cornelis van Baalen: We are concerned about the laws that do not help judiciary independence in Romania

Johannes Cornelis van Baalen

Johannes Cornelis van Baalen, President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE) said on Thursday, in an interview for RFI Romania, his party is concerned about the amendments brought to the laws of justice and that ...

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Elena Udrea – out of judicial control


Former Minister Elena Udrea is out of the judicial control and may leave the country, according to a final decision by the High Court for Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court), in the file in which she is investigated ...

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Former presidents, ex and incumbent ministers and chief prosecutors to be heard by the SIPA parliamentary committee

sipa archive

The parliamentary inquiry committee set up to probe into the activity of Justice ministry’s ex-secret service, SIPA, has a long list of current and former officials to be called for hearings on the controversial issue of SIPA archive. The inquiry ...

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Former President Traian Basescu warns 2018 might be the year of crisis due to decisions made by the Gov’t

basescu PMP

2018 will be an extremely hard year, maybe a year of Romania’s getting into crisis, because of the economic measures taken by the PSD-ALDE governments, said on Wednesday the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Senator Traian Basescu, former President of Romania, ...

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PSD still first in electorate’s preferences, survey says


According to a Sociopol survey, the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) is leading in electorate’s preferences, followed by PNL and USR. The opinion poll reveals that PSD stands at 51% preferences, PNL – 27%, USR – 7%, ALDE – 6%, UDMR – ...

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PSD registers record debt – RON 34m. The balance of other political parties is not much better


The Social-Democratic Party (PSD) has accumulated record debts and is forced to negotiate with the creditors. PMP has had its bank account blocked for 2 years because. The Liberals and the ALDE are also overwhelmed by debts, digi24.ro informs. The ...

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Mircea Băsescu – released on parole by Constanţa Court

Mircea Basescu  parole

The Constanţa Court has dismissed on Monday the prosecutors’ appeal to the Medgidia Court against the release on parole of Mircea Băsescu (brother of former President Traian Basescu), who is to be released from the Poarta Albă penitentiary where he ...

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Committee on the 2009 elections Oks final report: Ex-president Basescu, Boc Gov’t took actions to defraud presidential ballot

stamp  elections mayor

The parliamentary committee on the presidential elections in 2009 has released the inquiry report by the majority of the votes in the Wednesday sitting. The report concludes that former President Traian Basescu and the Democrat Liberal Government led by ex-PM ...

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Ex-president Basescu to run in 2018 elections in R. of Moldova, party leader in Chisinau says

basescu elections

Former Romania’s President Traian Basescu will run for the parliamentary elections in Republic of Moldova if he regains his citizenship, Moldovan ex-Defence Minister Anatol Salaru claims. Salaru, now executive chairman of the National Unity Party, says the former Romanian president ...

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Former Justice Minister Prună criticizes special pensions, says last year was a contest for increases. Basescu blames Ponta

raluca pruna

Former Justice Minister Raluca Pruna claims that last year, in parliament, a ‘contest for increasing the special pensions’ took place, and also to increase the allowances that the current government wants to put an end to. “We have to put ...

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