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Romanian seaside tourism – up by about 5pc in 2017. Private dwellings accounted for 15pc of total rents

seaside mamaia

The Romanian seaside tourism has increased by 5% this year as compared to 2016 and about 15% of the rented accommodation was represented by private dwellings, according to a press release from the Federation of Romanian Tourism Employers Federation (FPTR) ...

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Accommodation hints in the Romanian seaside resorts this summer


As summer is here already, hotel-keepers in the Romanian seaside resorts are bringing to light their latest offers and promotions to lure tourists for a memorable estival experience. If Mamaia resort located on the northern coast of the Black Sea ...

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Two hotels in Saturn resort, purchased by Chinese investors


‘THR Marea Neagra’ (Black Sea) Company, which owns most of the hotel establishments in Romania, some left derelict for years, has sold the Alfa and Beta hotels in Saturn to ‘Alternative Green’ company, according to the THR Marea Neagra’ officials. ...

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Baile Felix, Danube Delta, Mamaia – tourists’ top preferences in 2016


Baile Felix, Danube Delta, Mamaia seaside resort are among the tourists’ favorite resorts in the 2016 season due to the destination management strategy, Corina Martin, President of the Seaside – Danube Delta Association (ALDD) stated on Monday. According to a ...

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2016, best season for Romanian seaside: More than 1 million tourists

romanian seaside crimes

Almost one million people visited the Romanian seaside this summer, according to estimates of the Romanian Tourism Owners Federation (FPTR), which is unprecedented in the last 20 years, increasing both the number of Romanian tourists, and the tourists from abroad. “The impression ...

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Romanian tourism, on top! Summer 2016, the most profitable in the last decade

Romanian tourism

This summer seems to be the most profitable in 10 years for Romanian tourism. Amid international situation, many of Romanian tourists and foreigners have shifted to the Romanian seaside and the Danube Delta, shows an analysis conducted by Keysfin. Over ...

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Best beaches in Romania


The Health Ministry released the list of the best Romanian beaches in terms of bathing water and quality management for the last four seasons, during 2012-2015. According to the ministry’s list quoted by Ziarul Financiar, Romania has 15 excellent beaches, 22 ...

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